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Marriage Coaching

We offer business, personal and marriage coaching. They are committed to helping their clients through the journey of discovering their identity in Christ, using their voice and discovering the gifts God has given them to further His Kingdom. Their approach is loving, compassionate, and straight forward.



What you can expect:

  • Self-Awareness: Becoming aware of limiting beliefs, blind spots, biases, wounds, and reactions to make wiser choices.

  • Peace: Learn to recognize stressors and difficult situations gracefully to improve communication and self-compassion.

  • Embracing Vulnerability: Understanding and addressing the underlying pain that fuels our inner critic which blocks success and true freedom.

  • Self-Actualization: Realizing your full potential by pausing and responding to situations in alignment with your highest aspirations.

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Coach's Role

1.    Co-create a collaborative partnership that supports you to deepen self-awareness, enhance creative ability, foster personal mastery, and cultivate your full potential.

2.    Ask timely and appropriate questions that foster and support greater self-awareness and inner resourcefulness and assist in working through any personal roadblocks/obstacles (conscious or unconscious) that may arise.

3.    Honor that some experiences/things in life are private, which you may or may not choose to share or explore as part of these coaching sessions.

4.    Facilitate effective coaching processes/techniques designed to help tap into your own inherent wisdom/insights, work through any perceived challenges, and explore creative possibilities and potential.

Client's Role

1.   Commit to a coaching relationship/partnership that supports my abilities to:

  • Deepen self-awareness and strive to identify whatever challenges, issues, and/or opportunities you may be experiencing.

  • Become aware of and commit to working through any blind spots, roadblocks, or obstacles to success that may arise.

  •  Utilize emerging insights/learning to enhance your personal/professional growth and development.

2.    Take responsibility for my own actions and behaviors.

3.    Be intentional about making empowering, conscious choices that truly reflect and support my needs/desires/goals in life.

4.    Follow through and be accountable for the completion of any action planning steps/activities generated because of each coaching session.

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